The Future of Work has Changed and so has VCET

The New Workplace Redefined: Flexible, Safe, and Accessible Workspace Helps Keep Entrepreneurs, Remote Workers, and Small Businesses Connected, Productive and Innovative

Burlington, VT (July 6, 2020) – The way we work has likely forever changed due to the pandemic, and so has the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET), the state’s largest coworking community. As startups, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, resume or return to work their workspace needs are drastically different, but their desire to stay connected, productive, and innovative is the same, if not stronger. Recognizing their new list of must-haves, VCET is making all of its resources – from workspaces to business advisors – more affordable, accessible, flexible, and safer. Plus, VCET has added some unexpected membership benefits designed to meet the unique needs of remote professionals, working parents, and entrepreneurs.

“The future of work has changed, and the needs of entrepreneurs and remote workers are evolving before our eyes,” says Phoebe Lo, Director of Operations and Culture at VCET. “More than ever, our members’ success depends on resources that minimize costs and amplify innovation, offer unprecedented flexibility in a trusted space, and an empathetic community of fiercely loyal peers to lean on. The new member offerings are designed to reflect our support as we move forward together.”

According to a recent Morning Consult survey, 75% of professionals reported a desire to work remotely at least 1-2 days a week, and 23% want to work remotely 3-4 days per week. However, 44% of remote workers reported feeling isolated and lonely. Based upon third party data and ongoing VCET company and member surveys, VCET is announcing a new lineup of offerings to better align with and support today’s new working conditions and preferences.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Help for Two-Professional Households: Maybe the bedroom or kitchen WFH situation is getting stale; or the kids are becoming regulars at photobombing Zoom calls; or someone simply needs a safe, professional place to work. The VCET membership now includes a no charge, all access “Plus One” membership for a spouse or partner, bringing much needed relief and resources to parents and couples. Come together or separately, any day and any time.
  • Got remote team members? Startups and scaling technology firms no longer want to commit to larger, more expensive leases and workspaces. With today’s announcement, they don’t have to. Startups with two or more members with fixed desks can now offer free memberships to their remote team members. Everyone must commit to following all health and safety guidelines and protocols.
  • Student entrepreneurs and interns are the future. At VCET, that means free! Student startups and interns for companies can be added members at no charge thanks to the University of Vermont supported Vermont Technology Council.
  • Fixed or Flex? Your desk, your choice. Remote professionals, teams and entrepreneurs get special pricing for either a fixed or flex desk, whichever supports their preferred work schedule, and makes them feel safer and more productive. The current Flex member fee is $100 per month and the Fixed membership for new members is $150 per month.

VCET continues to offer essential resources like flexible month-to-month memberships, 24×7 access, uber fast network connectivity, and access to capital resources, all in a clean, socially distanced environment in downtown Burlington within the Consolidated Communications Technology Hub. Members also receive the usual perk of up to $160,000 in ScaleHere discounts and services, 1:1 expert business mentoring, and inclusion among Vermont’s largest entrepreneur community.

The VCET community is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in which everyone benefits. Our programming is open to partner innovation hubs and now entrepreneurs in need across Vermont. For full details on how the nature of work has changed and VCET’s new offerings visit here.