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coworking team working at VCET at a fixed desk coworking team working at VCET at a fixed desk
Coworking member takes call in VCET kitchen in Burlington Coworking member takes call in VCET kitchen in Burlington
Team collaborates at VCET coworking space in Burlington Team collaborates at VCET coworking space in Burlington

The entrepreneur is our north star.

You have an idea, we have the experience and resources to help you turn that idea into a business. Technology-enabled startups poised to scale in Vermont are our jam. Come as you are, with what you’ve got. We’ll meet you with 1:1 business coaching, a space to work, access to mentors, advice on funding, and capital through our “evergreen” funds.

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Through active coaching, business consulting, mentorship, coworking space, community events, seed investment, and smart introductions, VCET’s innovation leaders serve entrepreneurs and startup businesses in Vermont from start to scale.

Portfolio Companies

VCET will help you get the financial support your company needs to start and scale here. We can connect you with direct investment by the Vermont Seed Capital Fund 1 or 2 or with our network of syndicate partners.

Managed by VCET, the Vermont Seed Capital Fund is a revolving, $6 million venture capital fund for select high opportunity businesses and teams in Vermont. So far, we’ve backed 30 startups and emerging growth firms. Fund 2 launches in 2024.

When you become a VCET Portfolio Company, we become part of your team.

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As a 501c3 nonprofit, we offer free coaching and consulting with our staff—no long-term commitment required. You don’t need a VCET membership to benefit from our services.

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Coworking Members

24/7 access to our state of the art coworking facility. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, startup team, freelancer, or remote tech worker...we’ve got you covered.

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What Our People Have to Say

Jasmine & Ryan Farrell

Jasmine & Ryan Farrell

Co-Founders, ZestBloom

“There are several pitfalls startups face: from raising funds, planning business strategy, networking, and marketing but for us to manage these hurdles we need VCs to invest with conviction. Investors that fund and advise through these trials and tribulations. It’s been our experience that VCET has gone above and beyond to provide us with these resources to succeed.”

Stacy Huffstetler

Stacy Huffstetler

Founding Partner, Widget Brain

“VCET seemed like the space to grow my business in Burlington. Moving from Philly to a smaller city had lots of appeal from a personal point of view but was a tough sell professionally. Having a resource like VCET gave me (and the other partners at Widget Brain) confidence that it would work.”

Andy Rossmeissl

Andy Rossmeissl

Founder, Faraday

“VCET is the heart of startups in Vermont. They’ve had our back since day one and have been a consistent source of wisdom and strength for us in the five years since.”


So far, we have directly assisted over 3,000 entrepreneurs, makers, doers, and innovators.

Our lifetime portfolio includes over 71 startups and scaling companies.

$483 Million in Revenue

$331 Million in Payroll

$490 Million in Capital

62 Internships

130+ Mentors

250+ Coworking Members

28 Female Founders Events

85+ Start Here Podcast Episodes

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