Osano / Company Spotlight

Osano helps clients build, manage, and scale their privacy programs to ensure compliance and trust with customers.

As companies collect a vast amount of our personal data, they face regulations ensuring a transparent experience for consumers. 

But many don’t know where to begin.

Osano was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2018 with a simple purpose: Simplify data privacy. Osano helps clients build, manage, and scale their privacy programs to ensure compliance and trust with customers.  

The Texas-based company is completely remote, though the second biggest employee hub happens to be Burlington, Vermont. Three of the four local Osano employees share a desk at VCET: Sam Chalek (Sr. Customer Success Manager), Dylan Berno (Director of Lifecycle Revenue), and Josh Aldred (Director of Revenue Marketing). 

“We believe that data privacy is a human right,” said Aldred. “It’s been the wild wild west where you accept these huge terms of service agreements without knowing what you’re agreeing to. So it’s exciting to be a part of the solution.”

Data privacy is ever-evolving; for example, Oregon was recently the 11th state to pass comprehensive state privacy legislation. Osano aims to keep clients ahead of the curve. 

“It’s really hard for privacy professionals that want to stay up to date and know exactly how to keep their company and their customers’ information safe,” said Chalek. “But that’s where Osano really fits in, fills that void and simplifies the experience for a lot of those folks.”

Osano Dashboard from website
Illustration of Osano’s data privacy platform dashboard


Nearly five years old, Osano has scaled quickly, now employing 60. Osano has also hit triple-digit growth in its customer base and a 126% increase in platform utilization in the last year.  

On August 10, the company announced a $25 million Series B funding round, a major milestone. This funding will help expand multiple departments at Osano, invest in R&D, and expand its product suite. Chief Revenue Officer Dustin Joost says the funding will broaden the scope of the problems that Osano can solve.

“When we started off, most of our customers were really focused on this consent management and cookie banner problem,” said Joost. “And then as we saw the opportunity to create more of a simplified one-stop shop, and now we just launched the new data mapping module, which really brings everything together.”

As Osano continues to expand, its central focus remains on empowering organizations to become responsible data stewards. The company is a B Corp, a corporate structure that allows them to prioritize their impact on society ahead of shareholders. 

“Each of us has a different motivation around data privacy,” said Joost. “I have two kids that are under the age of five, and I know data privacy is going to be one of the biggest things I have to talk to them about. So I’m really motivated to make sure that we’re building a future for kids where their data is actually going to be protected.” 

To learn more about Osano, check out their website. The company is also hiring – you can find open positions here