Nick Lovejoy, Founder, Staple Health

WHO? Nick Lovejoy

ROLE: Founder & CEO of Staple Health

BIGGEST WIN IN THE PAST YEAR: Nick cites two major stepping stones for Staple Health this year. The first was convincing their technical cofounder, Chris Eberly, to join the team. “[Chris] had just moved back to Weybridge and a friend of mine connected us”, Nick explains. “Conversation started over a few beers. After about a month of contracted work he was ready to go full time”. Staple’s other major accomplishment this year was solidifying successful, early, and local contracts.

HOW? Nick believes that conversation is key. He explains: “talking about what you’re doing, asking for help, asking to get coffee… it’s crucial. Don’t be afraid someone is going to steal your idea. Be open to criticism!”. He shares that hustling through all those meetings is invaluable in the long run. Nick thinks back to times when he would go into meetings not expecting much and would leave with a list of contacts – or even an investor.

FUN: Nick enjoys a variety of outdoor sports. Almost two weeks ago, Nick broke his clavicle while mountain biking in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, his brilliant software failed to predict this, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board! Jokes aside, Nick is already feeling much better and can’t wait until he can start biking and climbing again.

StapleHealth: As healthcare providers are taking on more and more risk for the patient population, Staple Health seeks to identify what’s driving a patient’s risk and how best to support each individual patient. “Much of patient outcome has to do with non-clinical factors… what we do is we help them identify their risk from a holistic perspective”, Nick explains. “We use a combination of medical data and social data to assess this”. The Staple Solution is grounded in a software platform that is embedded directly into a clinical practitioner’s workflow. “Oftentimes the doctors know what’s wrong, but what they don’t know is what’s driving it because they only get 15 minutes a year to talk with their patient”, Nick laughs. In essence, Staple helps providers understand a patient’s risk with some context, facilitating every medical decision to be made thereafter.

CAN SEE THE FUTURE..?  Nick, who’s been in the healthcare industry for over a decade now, remains excited for what’s to come. “Staple began very tech-focused” Nick explains. “The customers are now saying ‘the tech is great’… but the service aspect behind it is what we really need to expand”. Staple Health is still in early stage development, but exploring the idea of hey hospital… why don’t you outsource your care coordination to us? is certainly enticing and feasible for Staple Health.

PIZZA OR ICE CREAM? Ice cream… Ben and Jerry’s The Tonight Dough. Say no more, Nick!