Jen Brown, Consultant, Biddison Heir

WHO? Jen Brown!

ROLE: Jen is a consultant for Biddison Heir, working remotely out of VCET BTV.

Biddison Heir helps universities align their resources with their mission, goals and values. This includes guiding them to make strategic decisions about utilizing funding, staffing and buildings for their campus.

“We’re often looking for greater efficiency,” Jen explains. “Whether that’s just using instructional spaces better, or improving the overall experience for students and faculty, we provide consultation for colleges and universities to thrive.”

BIGGEST WIN IN THE PAST YEAR: “I have a niece now, and that’s beautiful.” Jen also reflects on her workplace development. “A lot of what I do on a daily basis is really advanced data analysis, but when I first started this job I had no clue how to even use Excel. I am just so stratospherically beyond what I was even two years ago. I think I’ve learned more in the past 2 years than I’ve learned in any class or prior job.”

“My boss is basically my teacher. The first year, I learned lots of qualitative skills. How to ask questions, what being a consultant looks like, and so on. The second year was a lot of data analysis. Things like calculating room utilization rates, how to make pivot tables, and so on. So many people do not get this opportunity, you usually have to pay for it. I feel very lucky.”

BEST EATS: “I really like Shalimar of India right now, it’s great take-out. My boyfriend and I started seeing each other in Middlebury and we particularly liked Jessica’s at the Swift House Inn. OH and I love Henry’s Diner. Brunch is my favorite meal.”

FUN: Jen tends not to follow the beaten path and actually does not ski, despite being a confirmed VT resident… “but I snowshoe!” Jen laughs. “I like to knit a lot, I’m making a baby-blanket for my niece right now. Anything you see me wearing that’s knitted, I made it! If anyone needs tips on that, let me know” : )