Lunch & Learn: Intro to Project Management


Barn Room

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Have you ever been part of a project that felt like it would never end? That you just kept pumping more money and time into and then when it finally got to the end, you were disappointed with the results? Or maybe you were brought in too late in the project and you realized that there were critical requirements that were missed, or there are so many projects/initiatives going at the same time, and you aren’t sure what needs to come first or why you are even doing this project at this moment. Or maybe you are just curious about project management and how it may help your company. Join us on Wednesday December 18th, for an introduction to project management.

Project management is a framework that can help add method to the madness, increase visibility, reduce risk and much more. In this VCET Lunch & Learn, Molly Yanus will provide a high level overview of project phases and key processes and touch briefly on the most popular project management methodologies. She will discuss common project pain points like change management, scope creep, resourcing, stakeholder alignment, risk management, and Molly will share a few tips and strategies that have worked well for other companies.

Molly Yanus founded Echo Consulting with a goal to increase accessibility to affordable and high quality technical project management services for small to mid-size businesses. Molly has helped more than 40 clients successfully complete 80+ software development and implementation projects in the last 8 years. Her focus is people first and vendor/partner agnostic: from helping implementing and integrating new platforms like e-commerce websites, ERPs, CRMs, CMS’s and many other tools and platforms, upgrading existing tools/platforms, or looking for support streamlining their existing processes to provide better visibility and change management. Molly lives in Jericho, VT with her husband, son, daughter and loves to travel and play board games.