Lunch & Learn: Digital Body Language – Best Practices for Effective Online Communication


Barn Room

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Is your Digital Demeanor the same across Email, LinkedIn messages, Texting and Slack? Probably not.

Is that just because the audience is different? Maybe. Maybe not.

We all leave a digital impression on each other. What’s yours?

If someone doesn’t text back for hours or even days, do you think they are being rude? Is using an emoji in email unprofessional, or creating a human connection with your team? What impression does your boss, client, or colleague take away from that kind of communication?

Join Deb Shannon in her second VCET presentation, to learn about the nuances of your Digital Style.

Learn the new rules of how to dress your digital communications for success and maintain an effective human connection in all your messages.

This Lunch & Learn is hosted at VCET (266 Main St) by Deb Shannon. Deb Shannon leads high energy speaking and conversational coaching experiences for incubators and their clients. Her work inspires participants to get beyond surface conversations. Building awareness of mankind’s innate desire to be seen and heard, Deb digs deep with clients, asking questions that stimulate new perspectives and create space for new possibilities. Her relentless commitment to clients’ unique strengths encourages movement from a position of ‘knowing’ to one of discovery and curiosity – a generative posture that allows multiple team members to co-create and perpetuate positive change.

Snacks provided. Email if you wish to attend but are not a VCET member!