Doug Krieger, Consultant & Freelance Developer

WHO? Doug Krieger

ROLE: Doug is a consultant and freelance developer. “I am gradually becoming more specialized towards DevOps,” Doug explains. “For example, the modern Javascript ecosystem is pretty complicated and it can take a while for a new developer to be onboarded with a proper build-system set up. The goal of DevOps is to automate so that the average developer doesn’t need to worry about those things.”

In essence, Doug hooks into workflows that people are already used to in order to automate the processes “that are more of a headache,” he laughs.

BIGGEST WIN IN THE PAST YEAR: “I’m just about to wrap up a big project where I set up an automated system for a local startup that is currently onboarding new developers,” Doug explains. “Once you get past the initial development of a website, you often need to start adding different data services, and your architecture changes from one server to a bunch of pieces. That’s where setting up a local development environment gets tricky, and the value proposition of something like this starts to come in”.

Doug & THE FUTURE: Doug has now done contracted work in full-stack development, application building, brochureware, and his current DevOps consulting. His experience leaves him feeling prepared, but Doug still looks to improve his freelance model.

“I want to take on more contracts that are explicitly about automating process and improving workflow for developers, rather than cleaning up messes that result of a bad process,” Doug explains. “From a consulting perspective, proactivity is a much easier sell.”

BEST EATS: “When I’m working out of VCET or if I’m on-site with a client downtown, I love going somewhere downtown… I’m a big fan of Stone Soup. It’s kosher-style lunch counter, it’s pretty good.”

“As far as beer goes, you can’t go wrong with Foam Brewers.” Doug’s favorite beer at the moment is a Double IPA Fiddlehead collaboration with Cash or Trade, one of his clients. “I’m a little biased, but I quite enjoyed it.”

FUN: “I play guitar, I’ve been playing with people again which is nice. I’ve been getting back into Mario Kart on the Nintendo switch as well”