Don Bateman Jr., Founder, Mean Cat Entertainment and BBG & Hoehl

WHO? Don Bateman Jr.

ROLE: Founder: Mean Cat Entertainment and BBG & Hoehl

BBG & Hoehl: “I just started a non-profit this year that I’ve been working on a lot in conjunction with Mean Cat” says Don. “Its called BBG & Hoehl non-profit acceleration fund. Most of my time is spent on that right now”. BBG & Hoehl uses multimedia as a tool to draw public awareness to humanitarian organizations, or groups doing great things to alleviate human suffering.

HOW? “Technological advances and research that my partner Michael Batty has been doing… as well as resources that John Hoehl has been generous enough to put forth” have been the key to helping Don’s non-profit achieve liftoff. “This organization has been my dream come true as far as work goes”, Don explains. “Being able to work with my closest friends, every day, and help other people… it’s amazing”.

DON & THE FUTURE: “I see Mean Cat partnering with higher education in advancing R & D, medical, and industrial applications. Technical training, for instance. I see BBG & Hoehl gaining momentum very quickly… we’ve done some stuff in Haiti with the water crisis, and we just want to keep moving forward. Our next project is with an orphanage in Tanzania. BBG & Hoehl will produce multimedia to help draw in volunteers”

BIGGEST WIN IN THE PAST YEAR: “We just did our trial run with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta. It’s this really cool camp for kids that have had cancer or are currently battling cancer. It’s about as fun as can be”, Don Explains. “We made a virtual reality experiment to help kids who are too sick to go in person. We can bring the content via headset into hospitals for kids to use. They can experience the fun of camp without being there… the camp itself is like a giant family. Some people have been going for over 30 years, and for kids to be able to see their favorite counselors with spatial audio should be really cool”

“We’re also releasing a virtual reality film about chronic homelessness in downtown LA. We’re getting a large scale premiere at the King Edward Hotel. A 300 person live screening and 10 VR headsets. They’re going to cater the whole thing and admission will be free, thanks to our partnership with the Healthy Housing Foundation”. This subject matter hits home for Don, who spent a couple of years homeless in his youth. “I have to fly out to California beforehand to do an interview with the LA times. It’s all very crazy”. BBG & Hoehl’s film premiere is on October 18th.

WHAT WERE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN? “Dr Frankenfurger”… ‘nuff said.

FUN: “Making movies with my kids is really fun. I play the drums and have been messing around with the electric cello… I also like skateboarding and if I can make to the ocean I love to surf”.